The most important £45 you will spend this year!

Ready to get involved? Join up via the national TRF website*

Once you are a member you will have access to our monthly meetings where you can arrange to join us on one of our monthly new member ride outs.

You will also be able to join the Northumbria TRF Facebook group where members arrange their own rides and share information.

*Note: At the time of publishing the membership sign up proceedure through the national TRF website was in transition. If you encounter any difficulties signing up please contact

Already a member? Ready to join the Northumbria TRF Facebook Group?

1: Click here to find the group on Facebook

2: Request to join the group

We will send you a message requesting proof of membership (depending on how busy we are this could take up to a week). If you are not connected to anyone within the Northumbria TRF group already Facebook may direct our message to your ‘other’ inbox.

3: Send us proof of TRF membership (a photo of your TRF I.D. card or receipt of membership payment

Once we have your proof of membership we will add you to the group

4: Welcome to the group!

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